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Fertilisers – Part Two

We thought you might like to see a short film that we took the other week whilst we were in Mid Wales. We camped for a few days over half term at a camp site that we found a few years ago. It’s on a working farm and enjoys magnificent views over Cardigan Bay towards the Llyn Peninsula….

Anyway we just happened to notice the seaweed that revealed itself to us as we woke one morning. Not wanting the opportunity to go to waste we gathered up as much as we could – being mindful to only pick up what had been washed ashore and to leave some for others – and brought it home where we’ll start another batch of kelp tea up at our allotment.

Fertilising potatoes...

As the photo shows in our previous article the trace elements that come from seaweed paid handsome dividends for those potatoes that were treated to it.

And it’s so easy to make. Just gather up what you can find, put it in a large water butt, cover it with water and let nature take over. Leave it for a few months – if you can stand the smell – and then use it when you water your plants – don’t forget to dilute it and to hold your nose when you do so!

We also use comfrey leaves and nettles to make our own liquid fertiliser. Same approach – use the leaves from both, chop them up as best you can, cover with water and then leave.  Use diluted when you water your plants and they’ll thank you. When all you have left is the seaweed, rotten comfrey leaves or rotten nettles then empty the container onto the compost bin, wash it out and start again. Easy!

Comfrey tends to be rich in Ks – potassium (great for plants that produce flowers and fruit) - whilst nettles tend to be higher in Ns – nitrogen (great for plants that produce lots of green leaves). Use appropriately or do what we do – use a bit of both to give your plants a nice balanced fertiliser, along with a drop of seaweed tea to provide that vital blend of trace elements too.

Totally natural and completely free.

There. All free. Harvested and made naturally. And if you happen to get your seaweed from Mid Wales make sure you pay a trip to Aberdyfi and have an ice-cream from The Sweet Shop!

Do get in touch if you would like to know more, either through my facebook page, at or on 07734 365028.


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