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From Plot to Plate - Potatoes

We've written about potatoes in the past. This is what we said last year:

We aren't going to go over all of that again. If you want a history lesson about potatoes, Peru and Sir Walter then you can click on that link!

What this is going to be about is what we're doing with our seed potatoes. When we do it. How we do it. Why we do it. It'll be in simple terms and with lots of photographs. So if you fancy giving it a go and following us From Plot to Plate then you'll be able to do so.

Whether you've got an allotment like us, or simply fancy growing some in a sack, then we'll help you along the way.

We love potatoes. Who doesn't?

Our seed potatoes were delivered yesterday. We ordered them back in November but if you keep your eyes out (ok a potato joke) you'll probably still be able to find some online - or if you do happen to be safely out and about - in some garden centres or large stores.

This year we went again with International Kidneys. You can read about different varieties of potato - Earlies and Maincrop, and when to plant them - in that link. We've gone with International Kidneys as we like them, they remind me of touring around Jersey many years ago in my first car - a Snowberry White MG Midget - and as we hope that with an early July harvest of these salad potatoes we might - just might - be able to get something else in the ground.

We ordered a 2kg string bag. In the bag were 23 seed potatoes. Accurate yields are always difficult to predict - much depends on the vagaries of the growing conditions. However most suppliers say that yields tend to be good - this year we're planning to monitor ours and then see how well they - or should we say we - do!

Here they are in their string bag, released into the tray and with the beginnings of a few eyes looking at us!

So the first part? Well that will be chitting them. We'll explain that later.

Comments or questions? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch through our facebook page or email us at


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