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Grow your own - Dig for Victory

I was at the allotment earlier this week and was listening to the radio as I continued my weeding and preparing the plot for this year's plants. Amongst all the news and well informed advice about staying safe I heard someone talk about Coronavirus being the biggest threat since WW2.

And that got me thinking about what we might be able to do - in some small part - to alleviate the almost constant and grim news that we hear more and more frequently.

Here goes...…..

Over the next few days and weeks I'll post details about how to grow some healthy, seasonal and nutritious vegetables. Nothing complicated or fancy but produce that we can all grow and eat in the months to come.

I'll be growing exactly the same so I'll share photos of what I'm doing and when, and share how you can do it too. Ok so I have an allotment but there are ways of growing your own even if you don't have one - some of what I grow will be on a window sill, in a Grow-Bag or simply a bag of compost.

I'll post articles on the website and put them out through my Facebook page. If you like, and if you send me your email address, I'll happily email you the details.

And here's another bit. If you're local and want to give it a go but can't get out to get your seeds, pots and compost then I'll get that for you and bring them to your door - you pay for what I bring, I deliver it for nothing.

I've benefitted enormously from gardening, having an allotment and growing my own. Not only do you end up with something you can eat - arguably something that tastes far fresher and sweeter than anything you can buy, but you know how it's been grown - up to you whether you spray to eliminate the bugs and aphids, pick them off and squeeze them or simply leave them to enjoy what you grow too. You also get the benefit from "getting outside" and enjoying the sunshine - when it comes - and the fresh air.

It also tends to work out cheaper - a packet of kale seeds might cost £2. You might need some pots and compost - say another £3. £5 in total. For something that will keep you in kale for many weeks. Now recently I saw this - Cavolo Nero, grown in Spain, probably flown in to the UK, repacked into plastic bags in Kent and for sale at a farm shop south of Bristol for £2.39. For 250g...…….

So with all of that in mind I think the first thing we'll have a go at will be kale.

If you'd like to get in touch you can contact us through our facebook page, at or on 07734 365028



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