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Grow your own - Dig for Victory Tomatoes - keep on pinching...….

Everyone loves a tomato. So much so we've written two recent articles about growing your own.

Here's the first one:

And here's the second:

We've been pinching our plants out on what seems like a daily basis - they are growing really well with all the warm weather we've been having recently. And throwing those shoots on to the compost heap seemed to be such a waste.

So what have we done with them?

Well before we pinched out the shoots we filled some small pots with seed compost, watered it slightly and made some small holes with our dibber. Then when we pinched out those shoots we simply popped them into the compost, gently firmed them in and left them in the partially glazed greenhouse. I'm fed up referring to it as that - I need to get some replacement panes - but for now I think I'll just call it the PGG!

And look at them now! 15 new plants all from the pinchings outs - I doubt you'll find that term amongst an RHS glossary but what else can they be called?

And they seem to be so hardy. They've not been kept in normal bringing on growing conditions - just the PGG - and as such have been exposed to Oscar who wants to try and nibble them, the rain that comes through the missing panes in the roof and the sun that shines on them when it's out!

So there you go. Don't waste your pinchings outs. Make use of them and have loads more tomato plants - for free!

Tomatoes. The plant that keeps on giving...…….

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