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Perennials that still look good.

It's autumn. The days are getting shorter and some of those plants are starting to look beyond their best.

But there must be something that still looks great......

Well there is. Have a look at these. Who'd not want one or more of these in their border?

Well, this is what we've got and what you can have for your "plant a border". All plants come in 3 litre pots - with the exception of the Royal Bumble salvia - that comes in a 5 litre pot. All are - at the moment of typing - October 2023 - in bud or bloom.

Twelve herbaceous perennials for £125. Delivered to your door for free - within a 15 mile radius of Frome - contact us if you're further away or if you want something bespoke.

In the meantime, here's the details of what you'll get. These are the actual plants I've got at the moment - no stock photos here!

Alstroemeria Indian Summer 3 litre

Schizostylis Oregon Sunset 3 litre

Penstemon volcano Fujiyama 3 litre

Campanula Prichards Variety 3 litre

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy 3 litre

Dahlia Totally Tangerine 3 litre

Verbena rigida 3 litre

Salvia Royal Bumble 5 litre

Erigeron karvinskianus 3 litre

And for that £125 you get a couple of extra salvias or rudbeckias.

Delivered to your door. Sourced locally and from an independent nursery. And at a price that you'll find hard to beat. That's the current "plant a border" offering. One of each of these fabulous herbaceous perennials.

If you want more of one or less of another, then get in touch. We can easily change what you get, or make an entirely bespoke planting scheme. And if you want us to prepare and plant that border - or suggest alternatives - then we'd be delighted to help.

Get in touch through our facebook page or email us at


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