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Plant sale - all funds raised will be donated to We Hear You!

The other month we were asked by We Hear You - a local, Frome based charity - if we'd like to support them by writing a number of Wellbeing articles on our Facebook page that they'd then share.

We try and do our bit for We Hear You and we jumped at the chance. However we know that not everyone uses social media or Facebook so we thought we'd put something on the website too. Here goes.....

We've got over £250 worth of plants that we're going to sell off for We Hear You. We initially said that everything over £125 would be donated to We Hear You but we've since thought that seemed a tad mean - so everything we raise from the sale of the following plants will be donated to them.

This is what's up for grabs:

An Acer - a choice of 2. Online and at Dobbies they're £150. We sell them normally for £100. If bidding gets to £150 then you can have a dustbin too - but NOT the dolly tub!

Fancy a fig? We've got one and it's a lot cheaper than the acer! We normally sell them for £20. Grab a fig bargain.

Everyone likes a bit of buxus. Who'd like a nicely shaped ball. That must be worth £50 at least!

Or a healthy looking viburnum Eve Price. Good size and we normally sell them at the Station Approach in Frome for £40.

Penultimate plant is a 5 litre hydrangea. Deciduous and bushy with dark green leaves that turn red or purple in autumn and with white flowers in the summer. £30 normally.

Finally a 5 litre Fatsia japonica. Indoors or outdoors? Your choice!

There. Over £250 worth of plants up for grabs. And if the acer goes for £150 then we'll throw in a dustbin - but not the dolly tub!

If you want one then let us know and we'll add your name in the comments section on the Facebook post.

Highest bids by midnight on Halloween wins. Open to anyone within a 20 mile radius of Frome and we'll deliver!

Dig deep. Please.

Bids please through our facebook page or email us at

All plants are sourced locally in Somerset and brought to you by us - a DEFRA registered professional plant supplier - DEFRA number 139545.


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