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Plants we have in stock

As you might know we have started to source and sell plants!

We're gardeners first and foremost but as we're buying more and more plants for the gardens that we're working on, and as we were getting more and more enquiries about whether we could source certain types of plant we thought we'd branch out - no pun intended!

We get most of our plants from a wholesale nursery based not far from us in Somerset. They supply a lot of the plants that you can find on sale at RHS gardens and to many garden centres and nurseries across the South West - including many of the nurseries-cum-garden centres not far from us in Frome.

When they're delivering to them they also deliver to us!

The thing is we don't have the overheads that others must have - they must have far more significant overheads to justify those mark ups! In short you can get the same plants from us that you can from many of the others, but at a fraction of the price.

We sell at the Station Approach in Frome every other Saturday morning. Here we are on the 5th June.

And here are some pics to show the sort of thing we have in stock. We'll list the remainder as well!

We have at the moment:














We have more of some than we do of others. Some are large plants - the Acers for example are in 25 litre pots - £150 at Dobies when they have them in stock - £100 from us (!) - whilst the perennials are in either 3 or 5 litre pots.

We offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius of Frome and you can either come down to the Station Approach when we're next there or if you can't wait until then, or if you want something that's not on that list, then either email us or message us through our Facebook page.


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