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Plants we have in stock - September

If you're looking for plants that will provide you with some late summer colour and structure then we might have exactly what you're looking for.

Here's the list - fear not if what you want isn't not on the list (or if you want to chat about varieties of ferns or pittosporums) - just get in touch.

  • All currently available to order.

  • All in 3 litre pots*

  • All £10* and delivered to your door - provided you're local to Frome!

  • All including a £1 donation to We Hear You.

* unless otherwise stated.

But you need to be quick. We don't envisage these beauties hanging around for long!

To place an order you can contact us through our facebook page or email us at or call us on 07734 365028.

Here goes:

Salvia Icing Sugar

Salvia Royal Bumble

Salvia Love & Wishes

Perovskia Blue Spire

Geranium Rozanne

Senecio Angel Wings (5 litre pot)

Dahlia Happy Single Kiss

Dahlia Twynings After Eight

Dahlia Totally Tangerine

Echinacea Avalanche

Echinacea Baby Swan Pink

Euphorbia (can also get in larger pots - but they cost a bit more)

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena Lollipop

And finally for now Phormiums

These are all in 5 litre pots - we can get bigger and a few other varieties. The ones in 5 litre pots are £17.50 each

Phormium Pink Panther

Phormium Pink Stripe

Phormium Sundowner

All plants are sourced locally in Somerset and brought to you by a DEFRA registered professional plant supplier - DEFRA number 139545.


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