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Sunflowers - from the Auvergne to Somerset.

It all started with a furtive foray into a field in France. We snaffled one of these!

Up close the beauty looked like this

We had a dream that we'd be able to bring a bit of the Auvergne to Frome...... well we tried - we tried really hard - but we didn't really look after the sunflower well enough over the winter and the seeds were more husk than seed........

But we weren't defeated. We bought some Little Dorrit and some "ordinary" sunflower seeds and organised a "Frome Lockdown Sunflower Competition" amongst our family, friends and neighbours. Everyone had some Auvergne seeds, some Little Dorrit seeds and some "competition" seeds.

And from this

We saw this!

A bit of sunshine, fun and friendly competition during Lockdown times. And in doing so we raised some much needed funds for a local Frome based charity - We Hear You.

Guess what? We'll be doing the same next year. And sowing seeds (again) and selling off the sunflowers to raise even more money for We Hear You. We already have 100 plant pots that we've saved from a recent planting job......

Watch this space!


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