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Trug & Lettuce are on the wireless!

Yes that's right. We're on the radio!

We did a few features in 2020 and then towards the end of the year we were asked if we'd like a show of our own. We thought about it for a fleeting moment and then jumped at the chance.

The plan is that we'll do a new show every 4 weeks. We record the show throughout the month and it then goes out across the airwaves and internet - at the moment every 4th Sunday at 1pm.

You can tune in to FromeFM on 96.6FM if you're local, or you can listen over the World Wide Web by following this link - FromeFM | Trug and Lettuce

We listen to ourselves wherever we are. Up Muriel Jones on that old, crackly Roberts wireless or if we're out and about then we listen on our iPhone. Isn't 21st Century technology marvellous?!

Anyway if you missed us then listen in by following that link. And then make sure you tune in for the next one!

Comments or questions? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch through our facebook page or email us at


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