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Trug & Lettuce - Current Stock List

Here it is. The current stock list. It's still on the Trug & Lettuce site whilst the Plant a Border site remains under wraps!

Spring isn't far away and we're all starting to look forward to getting out in the garden and to start planting up our borders.

You can find details of what I can source at the moment below.

Check those prices with garden centres, DIY stores and online suppliers. And be amazed. And never be afraid to ask for a deal. I'll even deliver for free as long as you have a BA11 postcode. And if you don't but are reasonably local then don't let that put you off - it's always worth a chat!

It won't be long before I'll be back at The Station so you can come along and see the quality of the plants - I understand that sometimes it's better to see what you're actually getting before you commit to buy.

The thing is - and with all the plants I source - I choose them personally and carefully. If it's been nibbled or isn't looking it's very best then it stays behind.

If I wouldn't pick it for my garden then I won't pick it for yours. And if, when you see it, you aren't happy with it then I take it back with me - no quibbles.

If there's something on the list that takes your fancy then get in touch now through my facebook page, call me on 07734 365028 or email me at

Stock list 22.2.23
Download PDF • 255KB

All plants are sourced locally in Somerset and brought to you by me - a DEFRA registered professional plant supplier - DEFRA number 139545.


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